Michelle is an innovative, modern harpist with many years of experience as a freelance harpist. Michelle's mother has a passion of teaching music to young children and helped instill this love and joy in Michelle at the age of 4. Her love for harp started at 6 and has been growing ever since. She started taking her harp studies seriously in high school and was admitted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music on a scholarship. There, she was exposed to all different types of music, cultures, people, and ideas. It was at Berklee where she fostered a huge love for jazz and respect for its improvisors.

   As she was immersing herself in this new world of creativity, graduation came much too quickly. Afterwards, she relocated back to her home state of North Carolina but to the quirky and creative town of Asheville. In Asheville, she performed with rock and folk bands, for weddings and orchestras, and started a duo with a great jazz guitarist.

    Michelle has recently graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama with a Master's degree in jazz performance. She hopes that the extremely versatile harp will one day be fully accepted into the more modern world of music, while still preserving its beautiful and timeless classical/folk history. 

Photo from a wedding at  La Residence  in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Photo from a wedding at La Residence in Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Michelle is a highly experienced wedding harpist who loves providing an elegant musical backdrop to your big day!

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Photo by Katy Garcia

Photo by Katy Garcia


Read Michelle's blog for music selections tips for your event, upcoming performances, past performances, and general musings from a harpist.

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