Branford Marsalis

The past few days I have been in my home town in North Carolina to celebrate the holidays with my family. It has been a wonderful time so far! Especially since last night I had the amazing opportunity to meet Branford Marsalis! There is a picture of us on my jazz page :) Luckily, I ran into someone I met at Berklee who is studying with him and he introduced us. Given his fame, he was surprisingly approachable, and really very nice! He played all old New Orleans style jazz at this little jazz club in Raleigh called C Grace - my favorite place to go when I am at home. It has such an intimate and cozy atmosphere. The performance was amazing. Every single musician that played with Marsalis was really incredible. There are few motivators in this world as big and strong as seeing live music (the better the performance, the stronger the motivation!) I hope to see him again, and other jazz greats while I still can!