Harpist Update


 The July 4th Stringsense concert was an absolute blast! The people who attended were lovers of music, and jazz. It's always amazing to play for people who are into the music you're playing! Of course there was a lot of explaining about the harp and how it works, and a lot of talking with the guests. They were all very friendly, too, and one was even from my home town! Small world. We were told about the WNC Amateur musician meetup, and the hosts booked us for 4 more dates! They are very kind and hospitable, and the husband is an amazing cook. Dan had arranged a swing version of Star Spangled Banner, because even though jazz is the most patriotic art form (and the best art form in my opinion!), we wanted to do at least one patriotic tune. 

The musical is going well, we got the first weekend out of the way! On opening night there was lots of tension (perhaps just from my nerves), but we survived. It's becoming more fun every show (especially now that we can hear the singers!!). I think most of the kinks that are bound to happen when getting a large group of people to perform something together for the first time are out of the way, and all the musicians are settling into their respective parts.

July 7th wedding was a great time, too! It was a beautiful setting, though rather hot (thankfully I was in a gazebo shaded area, and had bought a very quiet mini fan!) I was actually able to speak with the bride in person on the day, even if just a little bit. I'll be posting pictures of that wedding soon! I was asked to play a few modern pop songs (I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol). I really enjoyed learning I'm Yours, and thought it was a great song for a recessional. Hopefully I can get a recording of my arrangement up soon!

In other news, the weather has been strangely cool here in Asheville, which my harp and myself are loving! Have a great weekend :)