Jazz on a Mountaintop

I have a very strong feeling that Western North Carolina is the only place you'll find a jazz trio comprised of harp, guitar, and bass, on the top of a mountain (Stringsense + bass). That's what happened this past Saturday morning, and what a great way to start a month! I know I tend to forget that music is nature, but the views were so incredibly beautiful. There is always something to listen to in nature. Since living here I've found myself analyzing the rhythm of bird calls (though I suppose you can also analyze the honks and sirens in the bigger cities). 

Unfortunately, Stringsense doesn't have a gig for a while, but I'll be attending some jazz jams this summer before heading off to the UK for a little while. I am so incredibly excited to be learning from one of the best harpists in the world, Catrin Finch. She was the Royal Harpist to the Prince of Wales, but she can totally rock out (all aspects of the phrase) on the harp. A really incredible opportunity! Also, I'll be playing at the most special wedding to me - my sister's wedding! It will be a great time :)