is officially here! Two days in and 2 broken strings already! 

The strings always seem to break a couple of days before a gig, perhaps they have stage fright?! Yesterday one of the very low wire strings broke while I was changing a pedal. The noise it makes is so frightening, and I had never experienced one of those low strings snapping like that. I remember one night during college at Berklee sleeping peacefully in my Boston apartment. In my dream, I had heard what I thought was a gun shot. I woke up startled and scared and immediately called my best friend. It wasn't until the next day when I sat down to practice that I realized it was just a broken string! 

It's a good thing I'm booked as much as I am because the strings are unfortunately very expensive, and harpists can only order them online. I envy guitar players/any other non-rare string instrument player for that reason! I tell ya, these harps are pretty high maintenance! If my four year old self knew how much work it would be just to get the instrument to play well, I might have chosen otherwise. Thankfully, I was completely oblivious :) 

And also thankfully, the harp string company I use ( Bow Brand ) has beautiful sounding strings and top notch customer service!

I hope you all had a lovely Father's day and a great start to the summer season!