Well, it certainly has been quite a while since I last posted! I never imagined how busy I could be - so much has happened!

September = Twas the month of background gigs! I had the pleasure of playing at the Monte Vista hotel, Grove Park Inn, and the Peace center (for a Bausch and Lomb event) in Greenville, SC.

October = Light in the Piazza round #2! All different musicians (thankfully the same conductor!) at HART in Waynesville, NC. I also got to play for a couple of friend's weddings this month. Weddings are always fun, but even more so when I've known the Brides for so long! 

I spent the week before Thanksgiving in NYC, which was an eye opening experience. Can you say 'welcoming music crowd?' It was incredible, to say the least. I'm sure it helped that some of my friends are very well connected there, but everyone was really friendly (despite what most people say about New Yorkers!) Spent my time with friends, at jazz clubs/jams, and just wandering around the city. A truly incredible place. Thanksgiving was spent with family and a few close friends from home, a nice, peaceful holiday!

After Thanksgiving vacation, I jumped right into a week of rehearsals with the Asheville Choral Society for their holiday concert. We were playing "Carols and Lullabies from the Southwest" by Conrad Susa. I had never heard of him before, but this suite is really lovely. Not to mention a very involved harp part and no glissandi :) Accompanying a choir was a relatively new experience for me and really hope to be able to play with them again. There is something so powerful about multiple human voices.

This past week, I played with the Hendersonville Symphony Orchestra for their holiday concert ('tis the season!!) They had joined forces with the Greenville Chorale, another fantastic choir. This was much more of a 'fun' concert - included things such as audience participation and fake snow falling from the rafters. Another group of welcoming musicians! Now, if only there were some cooler weather, maybe I'd be in the Christmas spirit!