Modern Harpistry

I am really getting into one of my presentations for school that I have named Modern Harpistry. I will be focusing on two major jazz harpists from the past, Alice Coltrane and Dorothy Ashby and comparing/contrasting their approach to the harp. Their careers are very interesting and they both grew up in Detroit, Michigan at around the same time, however they are both completely different stylistically. Their different experimentations with the harp have given me a whole new mindset for my instrument! Part of the presentation will be exploring the different sounds the harp can produce. My first thoughts have been threading materials through the strings like felt or paper to achieve a more static sound. Maybe attaching bells to strings? Hmmm... I am also hoping to experiment with things such as loop and distortion pedals, though would like to focus on the natural sounds of the instrument first. Time to get those creative juices flowing :)