Update - School and Facebook

I finally took the plunge and have created my own professional Facebook page! Created the page, got some 'likes', and even posted a few things... Now what?? 


In other news, my master's program is going very well. I am really enjoying my time here (maybe a bit too much?!) Feels a bit like an 'extended musical vacation.' I even have my very own pedal harp in my room now! Our course has a lot of deadlines in March, so it's definitely picking up steam work-wise. That and I've been introduced to rugby - a surprisingly fun sport to watch, even if you don't know anything about it. 

Also, I have created the Jazz Harp Quartet (sometimes Quintet) and we are performing at the Royal Welsh College of Music on the 7th of March (5:30 pm) !! I'm very excited to show my modern approach to the harp and all these wonderful new things I've been learning.