Two Upcoming Concerts

Things are starting to pick up here in the UK! I'm really looking forward to this weekend, as I'll be playing a courtyard concert in my aunt's town - Sidmouth, Devon! The date is Saturday August 2nd, 5-6 PM, if anyone reading this is in that area. It will be a solo concert with my Thormahlen celtic harp. It's always an adventure traveling with my harp :) 

Also, for anyone with an internet connection, I'm very excited to share that I'll be live streaming a concert straight from my lovely new Cardiff home on August 20th at 4 pm (EST - so 21:00 for the UK, 22:00 for mainland Europe). The concert will be through Click here for the event page! I'll be playing a selection of my celtic repertoire (arrangements with a jazz approach). The best part for me? No loading and unloading a big instrument. Best part for you? It's completely free (unless you decide to 'tip')!