Final Recital for MA in Jazz Performance

I can't believe it - I have almost finished my Master's Degree in Jazz Performance! My last official assignment is my final recital performance, which is a week today! It is a part of the RWCMD's Amser Jazz Time Weekend Festival. There's going to be so much music going on, so if you are in Cardiff I would highly recommend visiting this website for more information. Darius Brubeck, John Taylor, and Get The Blessing will also be performing that weekend - be sure not to miss them! 

My recital is going to be the 17th of May at 3 pm (UK Time) in the Dora Stoutzker Hall at RWCMD - but if you are not in Cardiff, I am going live streaming, again! Click here for more information. Concert Window makes it so easy :) A special note - the concert is completely free to watch online and in public, but if you tip $30, I'll give you a one hour harp lesson (saves you $15!) If we are not in the same location, I will happily teach you via Skype! 

I'm very excited to be playing with two great musicians, and will be sharing my interpretation of celtic and jazz music for the first time in public. Hope to see you all there or online!