MA Final Recital in Jazz Performance ... a Success!

Yesterday was my final recital in jazz performance! I don't think I have ever felt so great after a gig before. I was so lucky my aunt came to watch and I had some friends/family watching from Concert Window. Though it was a bit terrifying at one point the only face in the audience I could see were those of the adjudicators! 

It was an amazing afternoon, and I hope I'll be able to play there again. The bass player and drummer were superb. I think trio is the way to go for jazz harp now - it's a bit more intimate. I have to say, I much preferred playing my clarsach in the hall. It rang out beautifully :) I have to wait until July 2nd to receive my final grade, though! Hopefully I'll have some pictures coming up online soon! 

Thank you everyone who tuned in (live or via Concert Window), to anyone who has helped me move my harp(s), and helped me improve musically. A huge thank you to my parents for their generous support and constant encouragement! I can't believe I will soon have a master's degree!!