Final Recital for MA in Jazz Performance

I can't believe it - I have almost finished my Master's Degree in Jazz Performance! My last official assignment is my final recital performance, which is a week today! It is a part of the RWCMD's Amser Jazz Time Weekend Festival. There's going to be so much music going on, so if you are in Cardiff I would highly recommend visiting this website for more information. Darius Brubeck, John Taylor, and Get The Blessing will also be performing that weekend - be sure not to miss them! 

My recital is going to be the 17th of May at 3 pm (UK Time) in the Dora Stoutzker Hall at RWCMD - but if you are not in Cardiff, I am going live streaming, again! Click here for more information. Concert Window makes it so easy :) A special note - the concert is completely free to watch online and in public, but if you tip $30, I'll give you a one hour harp lesson (saves you $15!) If we are not in the same location, I will happily teach you via Skype! 

I'm very excited to be playing with two great musicians, and will be sharing my interpretation of celtic and jazz music for the first time in public. Hope to see you all there or online!


The Long Winter ...

is nearly over! We haven't had it as bad in the U.K. as you all in America have, though. It's been fairly mild. The past few months I've been spending in my practice room (to avoid the rain as much as possible) and am excited to show what I've been working on! This Friday I'll be performing at RWCMD's Jazz Time starting at 5:30 pm! The set is going to be all jazz tunes that I've been learning by ear, and I'll even be playing a little bit of percussion on the harp! If you're in the area, I'd love for you to stop by and check it out.

Also, my E.P. is finally beginning to turning into a reality. We'll be recording late this month, and I can't wait! I've had a great time designing the liner notes and working on the arrangements :) More information on that as the date comes closer. 

Cardiff - What to Look for In A Wedding Harpist

As spring continues, more and more weddings are being planned. This is both a stressful and happy time for engaged couples, so I'm here to help a bit. I've compiled a brief list of what to look for in a wedding harpist. 

1) Professionalism.

Probably the biggest differing factor between harpists. A wedding harpists' professionalism can be judged by their website and all of the following tips.

2) Responsiveness.

In this day and age with smartphones and 24/7 access to email/facebook/twitter etc .. there is really no excuse for unresponsiveness. Be sure that your wedding harpist responds within 24 hours of your first contact. Of course, things happen, but generally the quicker a vendor responds, the more dedicated they are to their business and your wedding day! 

3) Talent.

When speaking with your wedding harpist, ask about her (or his!) repertoire lists, qualifications, and achievements. Check and see if they have recorded audio samples online, YouTube videos, or are willing to email them to you. Ideally, you would schedule a consultation with the harpist to listen to them play a variety of musical selections.

4) Experience and Testimonials.

Hopefully the consultation will be enough to help you decide, but if you are stuck between two or three or more harpists to choose from (Wales has a plethora of harpists!) check out their testimonials. See what other people have to say about their musical abilities and services, and see how many have positive feedback. Try to not rely just on their professional site, but look into online wedding services like GigMasters and WeddingWire - where the harpist cannot edit the feedback given to them.

I hope these tips help all you happy couples in Cardiff!