Wedding Packages

A few years ago my older sister, Claire called excitedly from Germany to announce that she had become engaged to her Dutch boyfriend! I was expecting a year or so of excitement behind planning the wedding and helping pick out dresses, colors, and songs for her ceremony. From the budgeting to the guest lists and the constant back and forth with vendors, we realized that it did not take much for the excitement turn into a stressful and overwhelming endeavor. At that moment, it was decided that I would help make planning the music of her wedding, and any other client’s wedding, as easy as possible! If I couldn’t take away from the stress of the other factors, I wanted to be sure that people’s reaction to deciding on their music vendor was, “Oh, that was easy!” and then breathe a sigh of relief before moving on to the next To-Do. My many years of experience playing for weddings has made this possible and has helped me create these three packages for you to choose from. 


The Sonata Package

From $400

For the traditional Bride

Do you value tradition and/or love Classical music? Musical selections are based on the most requested classical pieces as well as standard harp repertoire. Ideal for church weddings and classical music fans. 

The Concerto Package

From $400

For the Modern Bride 

Do you want the classic, unique, and stunning visual of the harp but not necessarily the standard musical repertoire of the instrument? This one is for you! Musical selections are chosen from the popular music genres (i.e. pop, jazz, decades, etc...) Walk down the aisle to your favorite popular songs whether you are a grandmother, mother, or the Bride! Selections may change year by year as the popular music changes.


The Symphonic Package

from $450

For the Musically Passionate Bride!

This option is fully customizable. Feel free to select songs from any genre of music for any part of the ceremony. It's your day and you know what you want!  

** Please note that additional fees may be required for outdoor weddings **